An LGBTQ Organization Says They Were ‘Grossly Misquoted’ About Approving DaBaby’s Recent Set At Rolling Loud

Update: TMZ has updated their story with Clemons’ full statement, which you can see here.

This past weekend, 50 Cent served as the headliner for the opening day of Rolling Loud’s New York Festival. 50 Cent brought out DaBaby during his headlining performance, a move that proved to be controversial, coming just three months after he made homophobic comments during his performance at Miami’s edition of Rolling Loud. Many raised an eyebrow at DaBaby’s appearance, but TMZ claimed a number of LGBTQ organizations have approved of it. However, one of the organizations said this is far from the case.

The publication claimed that Gwendolyn D. Clemons, CEO of Relationship Unleashed, which is an LGBTQ nonprofit organization, said that she and her fellow representatives approved of DaBaby’s appearance, as well as any other concerts he performs at in the future. TMZ added that Clemons said that she believes DaBaby understands the harm behind his comments after she met with him and more than a hundred organizations that advocate for the LGBTQ community. But in posts on Relationship Unleashed’s Instagram page as well as an interview with The Unleashed Voice Magazine, Clemons is saying she was “grossly misquoted.”

“Our organization stands on strong principles of being defenders of the LGBTQIA Community and nothing has changed,” the post read. “We will never normalize ‘trash TV or trash news stories!’ Today we were [engulfed] by the news outlet in a fire we did not start! Our comments to a brief question was grossly misquoted and intentionally framed in a click baiting headline to drive traffic to TMZ.”

They added, “We have written and repeatedly spoke with the News [Editor] @jacobwasserman to retract, correct, or delete this erroneous story. As of this time some modifications have been made but not enough to our satisfaction. We vehemently deny this assertion and the reporting does not align with our values or mission.”

Clemons’ full comments through The Unleashed Voice Magazine can be read here.