Lil B Welcomes Kevin Durant ‘Home’ To The Golden State Warriors

Lil B
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Lil B may have lifted his curse on Kevin Durant after the NBA star signed with his hometown Warriors, but his offer to play the small forward one-on-one still stands. The rapper repeated the challenge, which eventually led to his infamous diss track “F*ck KD” — in an open letter welcoming Durant to Oakland.

“Our one-on-one game still has to happen. I think it’s for the love of the sport. The world wants to see it,” he wrote after commending Durant for his “brave” decision to join this year’s runner-ups.

Lil B thinks his game has progressed to the point that he could make a game with Durant interesting.

“At this point, I like where I’m at right now with my game and how much better I’ve gotten. I’m a real defensive guy. My defense really speaks loudly, which rolls over on offense. I have a pretty decent midrange shot. I like getting to the rack. I like getting to the hoop. I’m kind of like Russell Westbrook, but I can’t dunk… I’m coming to the court with a lot of confidence now. It’s definitely different. I definitely do think I’m ready to play KD. Winning, who knows? But I definitely know I am ready to play him.”

No telling if his advancement is enough to make up for the foot-plus height difference between the rapper and Durant.

Check out the whole letter over at The Undefeated.

(Via The Undefeated)