Lil Baby Was Reportedly Arrested In Paris For Marijuana Possession While James Harden Was Frisked

Lil Baby was reportedly arrested for marijuana possession today in Paris, according to French newspaper Le Parisien. The rapper was traveling with his friend, NBA superstar James Harden, who was not arrested. The duo was in Paris for Fashion Week, with coverage prompting fans on Twitter to coin the moniker “Le Baby” in reference to a French reporter’s pronunciation of the rapper’s moniker. However, it appears the fun and games came to a halt as local police searched the rapper’s vehicle, which they claimed: “smelled strongly of cannabis.”

Police reportedly discovered 20 grams of marijuana in the car, leading to three arrests. Harden, who was not in the car at the time, was also searched as he returned but was allowed to go free. As Le Parisien notes, the arrest was not the rapper’s first weed-related offense or run-in with police; in 2019, he was arrested for reckless driving and eluding the police in his native Georgia. Baby and his friends were taken into custody to the 8th arrondissement police station by the Narcotics Transport Chief.

Lil Baby and James Harden were also recently seen hanging out together at Michael Rubin’s Fourth Of July party over the weekend, having a laugh in the background of a viral video of Lil Uzi Vert breakdancing taken by Uzi’s girlfriend, JT of City Girls.