Lil Baby Gave Away Bikes To Kids In His Hometown Of Atlanta

Over the years, Lil Baby has exhibited several acts of kindness toward people living in his hometown. From young kids to grown adults, the rapper has always done his best to lend a helping hand to his community and another example of that was on full display recently. The rapper donated several bikes to kids within the Atlanta community and the good deed was captured on camera as it displayed a number of kids racing towards the bike of the choice in a park with bright smiles on their faces.

Lil Baby himself was seen in the video as his Ferrari was parked on the grass nearby.

The act continues a long streak of philanthropy that the rapper has displayed over the past few months. He recently teamed up with Foot Locker to refurbish a basketball court for the youth of Atlanta. Prior to that, he purchased an entire store of sneakers to give away to people in Atlanta. After videos of the giveaway made their rounds on social media, the rapper explained his motivation behind the act.

“Buying shoes ain’t what I mean by saving [my] community or giving back!!” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “That was some sh*t I did cause I seen a lot of them had on flip flops. When I say save [my] community, I mean centers, programs, jobs. You can’t imagine the sh*t I don’t post…”

You can watch a video of the bike giveaway above.