A Lil Baby Fan Got Knocked Out By Security After Climbing Onstage During His Show

Over the weekend, Lil Baby‘s concert in Charlotte got a little more lively than the show’s attendees anticipated when one fan climbed onstage to try to greet the rising star. You could probably guess how the exchange ended even without reading the headline: One of the stage security guards descended on the overly enthusiastic concertgoer with a flying elbow, knocking him down and proceeding to drag him away. Although the fan’s intentions seemed friendly enough — it looks like he just wanted a handshake — he got a different kind of pound as the confused rapper can be heard wondering, “What the f*ck you doing?”


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And look, it’s understandable; we’ve all been cooped up with very little to do for quite some time. However, rarely ever has a fan climbing onstage unbidden yielded anything less than a painful result for them. No matter how bored you’ve been, there’s no reason to believe that the rules have changed, even if the lines between stars and their admirers have blurred a bunch in the “always online” social media era.

Meanwhile, Lil Baby can probably just feel relieved that security handled the situation and that it wasn’t a case of fans throwing things onstage. Another infant-monikered rapper had to dodge a “funky-ass Adidas” at Rolling Loud — although that became the least of DaBaby’s worries considering what followed.

Check out the video above.