Lil Baby Seeks Systemic Change On His Immediate New Single, ‘The Bigger Picture’

Over the past couple of weeks, artists have used the talents they’ve been blessed with to not only show they relate and understand the frustrations of their fans, but to help them find comfort in hard times. Meek Mill aimed for this with his “Otherside Of America” single, while T.I. followed suit on his “They Don’t” single with Nasty C. DaBaby went back to his old work to achieve this goal as he updated his “Rockstar” song with a verse on police brutality and Leon Bridges reflected on the racism he experienced in the past on his Terrace Martin-featured single, “Sweeter.” Adding his own work to the mix, Lil Baby returned with a new single.

Offering a hand to those have who have experienced police brutality or those who are frustrated with its continuation, Lil Baby drops his new single “The Bigger Picture.” Announced hours prior to its release, the song also finds Lil Baby detailing some of his distaste towards police after a few experiences of his own. As for the song itself, Lil Baby reminds listeners that the issue at hand is with the system as a whole as that a change to make things right won’t happen overnight, but a start is needed somewhere. Lil Baby will also donate all proceeds from the song to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Still riding high off the release of his My Turn deluxe album, the song touches down a week after Lil Baby and Gucci Mane connected for “Both Sides.”

Press play on the video above to hear “The Bigger Picture.”