Lil Dicky Explains Why He Not Only Hates Touring But Also Hates Concerts In General

Now that Lil Dicky has achieved critical acclaim and truly impressive ratings for his FXX comedy show Dave, one would think he’d hang up his mic to focus on all the success that switching to comedy has brought — especially since he says he hates performing. In a new interview with GQ, Dave himself explains why he not only hates touring but the very idea of concerts in general.

“Nothing gives me more anxiety than the idea of doing karaoke in front of my friends,” he says. “But also, you should know I hate concerts. I don’t like going to concerts. I don’t know why people go to concerts. I can’t relate to the activity of wanting to stand for two hours amongst other people and hear music that’s not at the quality that you’d hear when you listen with your headphones.”

However, despite feeling this anxiety, he says he’s about 75% done with a new album, which will be less comedy-focused than his older material, which he now finds “embarrassing.” “When I initially started, there was probably more of a desperation to just have something get attention, just so I could get noticed,” he says. “Which is probably not the right way to make music. Now I feel like I have more pride in the art of songwriting and making good songs.”

Of course, he’s got the show to finish, with the second season premiering this Wednesday, June 16 at 10 pm. You can catch up before then on Hulu.