Lil Nas X Jokes He ‘Was Never Gay’ And Coming Out Was An Elaborate April Fools’ Prank

When Lil Nas X and “Old Town Road” were at the height of their historic run last year, the rapper came out as gay. It was a big moment for him, but today — April Fools’ Day — he has “revealed” that it was all just a big set-up, and that he “was never gay.”

Lil Nas X’s tone made it clear that he didn’t mean it when he said he’s not gay, and that he was just making a silly joke. Last night, he tweeted, “i was never gay. i said it to build up fuel for aprils fools day. ha got u guys.” The rapper Ka5sh responded, “Coming out as straight is so brave,” to which Lil Nas X replied, “it’s hard but somebody has to take a stand and lead the others straight people afraid to be themselves.”

Embracing a new outlook on life, Lil Nas X then tweeted, “where the hoes at.” Heterosexuality apparently wasn’t working out for him, though: 13 minutes after his original tweet, he wrote, “ok i’m gay again.”

After that rollercoaster ride, Troye Sivan was happy to welcome Lil Nas X back to the LGBTQ+ community:

“Old Town Road” certainly was a huge song: Aside from its astounding chart success in the US, it was the second-best-selling single in the world last year.