Lil Nas X Will Appear On ‘Maury’ After Finding Himself In A Shocking Love Triangle

Back in September, Lil Nas X shared his long-awaited debut album Montero, and with it came a music video for “That’s What I Want.” The visual sees Lil Nas fall for a teammate on his football team, and while their relationship quickly progresses, the singer soon finds out that his new partner is living a secret life. Lil Nas learns that his lover actually has a wife and a child, and just like anyone would do after a discovery like this, he decided a visit to Maury was absolutely necessary.

On November 17, Lil Nas will appear on the popular show to sort out the love triangle. The news was shared through a dramatic trailer that shows Lil Nas’ shocked reaction to learning that the “love of his life,” Yai Ariza, is living a secret life. As expected, the episode is packed with dramatic moments like Ariza submitting a paternity test to find out if he’s the father of his 4-year-old son. He also offers a ring to Lil Nas, who dramatically runs away, in the brief trailer. Maury, is clearly amused by the dramatic events as he asks, “Is Yai the dad…or will Montero get exactly what he wants?”

Ariza is also the real-life ex-boyfriend of Lil Nas, something the singer spoke about in a previous interview. “We were dating, and we are still on very good terms,” he said during a conversation on SiriusXM. “You know, we may date again I’m sure. I love him, he is amazing.”

You can watch the trailer in the video above and check out the full episode when it airs next Wednesday.