Lil Nas X Jokes That He’s Playing Miles Morales In The Upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

Lil Nas X has basically taken over pop culture at this point. He’s got inescapable music, he’s in commercials, he’s on billboards, he even took over an entire episode of Maury to extend the pregnancy gag from the rollout of his excellent debut album Montero. His cultural ubiquity is beginning to rival even that of the vaunted Marvel Cinematic Universe — so naturally, he wants a piece of that too, in one of the most iconic roles yet to be cast.

Replying to a fan account’s post with a photo of current and prior motion picture Peter Parkers Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, Nas joked, “the rumors are true i will be playing miles morales.” Morales is, of course, another Spider-Man from an alternate universe who was recently transplanted into the mainstream Marvel universe (comics are weird, y’all). Considering the plot of the upcoming Spider-Man film, No Way Home, in which a magic spell gone wrong brings visitors from multiple alternate universes to the modern MCU we all know and love (yes, even you haters, stop pretending, man, no one is impressed), it’s well within the realm of possibility that Miles could be one of those visitors. This gives Nas’ “announcement” a non-zero chance of being true.

Look. I know that Lil Nas X is an incorrigible prankster with a wild sense of supremely unserious, internet-bred humor and that very little he says can ever be taken seriously. But, to borrow a phrase from the late, great Stan Lee himself — what if?

Either way, we’ll find out when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17.