Lil Nas X Offers A Hilarious Response To A Strange ‘Old Town Road’ Promise He Once Made His Fans

In March of 2019, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, which it would go on to rule the chart for a record 19 weeks. A couple months later, as he often does, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to share a joke, writing, “when old town road goes diamond i’m sending all my followers a copy of phineas & ferb season 3 on blu ray.” Maybe he didn’t think the song would ever get the ten million sales it needed to achieve Diamond status, but sure enough, it did: It was announced back in October that “Old Town Road” had earned Diamond certification. Last month, meanwhile, the song crossed the 12-million-sale threshold.

Well, Lil Nas X has about 4.5 million followers on Twitter, so he’s on the hook for a lot of Phineas And Ferb Blu-rays, and fans aren’t letting him forget it.

This afternoon, one of Lil Nas X’s fans reminded him that he owes him (and millions of others) their Phineas And Ferb Blu-rays. Lil Nas X responded to the fan, writing on Twitter, “never think that i didn’t try.” The tweet also featured a video, which shows a phone screen recording of the rapper trying to find the Blu-ray on Amazon, only to discover that it is “currently unavailable.” The video then cuts to a clip of Lil Nas X shaking his head and crying in disappointment.

For the record, though, fans should have seen this coming: Shortly after making his initial Phineas And Ferb announcement, Lil Nas X tweeted, “ok maybe i lied.”

Lil Nas X has been on it with the Twitter jokes lately, as he also recently celebrated his birthday with some choice memes.