Lil Nas X And Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Old Town Road’ Video Is A Time-Traveling Journey From 1889 To 2019

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Over the past week or so, Lil Nas X has been hyping up his video for “Old Town Road” in a big way. Last Thursday, he busted out the caps lock key and tweeted, “JUST SEEN THE FINAL EDIT OF THE OLD TOWN ROAD VIDEO!!! IT GOES F*CKING CRAZY!! A MOVIE!!!” The next day, he revealed, “old town road official music video next week! i promise it won’t disappoint!” More recent teasers really do make the video seem as cinematic as Lil Nas X said, like the photo of him looking into a hole, and the photo he shared of himself and Billy Ray Cyrus in full Old West garb, of course accompanied by a horse.

Well, after much ado, the “Old Town Road” video is finally here. Lil Nas X has used the #OldTownRoadMovie hashtag in tweets about the clip, and he wasn’t kidding, as this really is a high-quality production.

The video begins at Old Town Road in 1889, right after Lil Nas X made a horseback getaway with a sack full of cash. After finding himself being shot at, he was forced to crawl through a hole that transported him to 2019. Once in present day, he quickly finds himself fitting in and enjoying the 21st century. There are plenty of big-time cameos here too, from folks like Chris Rock, Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, Diplo, Haha Davis, Jozzy, and Young Kio.

Watch the “Old Town Road” video above.

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