Lil Nas X Says He Considers Playboi Carti To Be An Innovator In The Music Industry

Lil Nas X’s 2021 year just got a little better as he was one of many celebrities that were honored at The Wall Street Journals 2021 Innovator Awards. He received awards at the ceremony along with Kim Kardashian, Lewis Hamilton, and Ryan Reynolds, and during an interview on the red carpet at the event, he was asked for an artist he believed is an innovator and he pointed to someone in the hip-hop world.

“I’d say Playboi Carti,” Lil Nas X, the Music Innovator Award recipient, said. “Me personally, I feel like he’s become like this huge rockstar in the rap realm. He’s a pretty entertaining performer, like, he goes out of the way and he does his own musical style. He’s gonna try what he wants to. I love that. I think that’s innovative.” He then spoke about his own work and how he tried to do things differently with his recent releases.

“As I was writing these songs and going into the booth, I was changing internally,” he said to The Wall Street Journal. “I was telling all these stories and also letting go of a lot of things that had, like, pent up through my music.”

The honor comes after Lil Nas X was given his own day in his hometown of Atlanta after he returned home to celebrate his debut album, Montero.

You can watch Lil Nas X speak about Playboi Carti in the post above