Lil Nas X Celebrates Being Pulled Over Just Two Months After Getting His Driver’s License

Generally speaking, people in the US get their driver’s licenses during their teenage years. In that regard, though, Lil Nas X was a bit of a late bloomer. He’s 22 years old now and he just got his license recently: He shared a photo of it a couple months back and it showed the license was issued on April 30 of this year. Then, on June 21, he shared a photo gallery of his new first car, a “Panini”-predicted Mercedes.

So, he’s had his license for a little over two months and his car for about two weeks, and he has already drawn the attention of the law: He took to TikTok today to celebrate getting pulled over for the first time. In the video, which he also shared on Twitter and Instagram, the rapper looks at the camera with his hand over his mouth in disbelief. The shot then changes to show the police vehicle in his side-view mirror. The video wraps with Nas dancing in the front seat of his car as the police car is still behind him. All the while, the video is captioned (and narrated by a computer-generated voice), “Oh my god guys I finally did it! I got pulled over.”

Meanwhile, Nas is the subject of a new New York Times profile, in which he reflects on something even worse that happened to him the same night he tore his pants on Saturday Night Live.