Lil Peep’s Mother Claims Her Late Son’s Record Label Owes Her $4 Million

Lil Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, and her late son’s record label have long been entwined in a legal battle, and while it’s yet to have been resolved, Womack delivered another accusation against them. According to Rolling Stone the late rapper’s mother says First Access Entertainment owes $4 million to Peep’s estate and claims their failure to give her the money is a “transparent” attempt to derail the wrongful death and business lawsuit that was filed against the FAE and its boss. FAE denied the allegations at a court hearing on Tuesday and claimed Peep’s mother was to blame for the delay.

“FAE is trying to choke off her funds by denying her her royalty revenue that they know she’s owed,” Womack’s lawyer Paul A. Matiasic said during Tuesday’s court hearing. Matiasic adds that the $4 million owed to his client is royalty payments from Peep’s music that FAE allegedly “admitted” it owes to his estate. He also labeled the relationship between his client and FAE as “dysfunctional” and requested a court’s intervention in the matter.

“It’s not true that it’s dysfunctional,” FAE’s lawyer John W. Amberg said in court. “It also is not true that FAE owes the estate over $4 million. That’s simply not true. That’s just an argument used to gain someone’s sympathy here.”

The accusation against FAE comes four months after Womack revealed she suffered two strokes since the tragic death of her son at the end of 2017. “I am not going to die until I take care of this matter,” she said at the time in regards to wrongful death lawsuit. “I’m going to live. I have a mission.”