Lil Pump Was Bitten By A Snake During A Music Video Shoot

Music video shoots always come with some element of risk — but usually, that risk involves fickle rappers not showing up or various film equipment breaking down at inopportune times. Unfortunately for Lil Pump, his latest music video mishap — of which he’s had a few, including getting in trouble for shooting a video at his old high school — involved a bit more physical injury than usual, at the metaphorical hands of one of his cold-blooded co-stars.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Lil Pump is seen handling a massive snake during a video shoot while lounging on a throne — pretty typical rap video stuff. However, the snake must be a huge J. Cole fan or something, because the animal goes from being completely docile to lashing out in the blink of an eye. Pump flings it away and holds up his bloodied hand to the camera to show what happened: The snake bit him what looks like multiple times in the amount of time it took him to jettison the reptile after the initial bite.

Of course, it appears the snake either never had venom or had its venom sacs removed, since even the snake’s handler seems pretty calm about the whole thing. Whatever Pump did to set it off, it still looks pretty upset about its involvement in the proceedings — maybe there’s a contract dispute. In any case, Pump’s okay, the snake’s okay, and all’s well that ends well. At least it wasn’t the pyrotechnics from his “Racks On Racks” video going haywire, or this would be another story entirely.

Lil Pump is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.