Lil Tecca Lives Out His Wrestling Fantasies In His Fun ‘Royal Rumble’ Video

Lil Tecca has had fun with his recent visuals. February’s Cole Bennett-directed video for “IDK” saw him take over a school dance, and in June, he played Cupid in his heart-filled “Out Of Love” visual. Now the 18-year-old rapper back with another delightful new clip, this time for “Royal Rumble.”

As the title suggests, Tecca is the star of a flashy WWE-style wrestling promotion. The action starts with him in a locker room, championship belt over his shoulder and waiting to enter the royal rumble. Tecca is significantly slimmer than his muscle-laden competitors, so he takes his licks during the event. Still, he manages to pull off a last-second victory and secure another belt.

The clip ends with a little skit, where the excited official approaches Tecca in the bowels of the arena, asking for the secrets to his success. Tecca acknowledges his enthusiasm in informs the ref that he can’t stick around because he has some chicken nuggets waiting for him, and he’s not interested in letting them get cold.

“Royal Rumble” is the latest track that will presumably appear on Virgo World, the rapper’s upcoming debut album and the follow-up to his 2019 mixtape We Love You Tecca.

Watch the “Royal Rumble” video above.