Lil Uzi Vert Seems To Be Taking The Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Dating Rumors Pretty Hard

There have been rumors of something more than platonic going on between Rihanna and ASAP Rocky for years now. These rumors have been elevated to a new level in recent days, though, as the pair was apparently seen spending time together as a couple. Fans are already imagining how gorgeous the duo’s kids would be, but it would seem Lil Uzi Vert is not part of those conversations. In fact, it looks like he’s taking the dating rumors kind of hard.

Until recently, Rihanna was the only account Uzi followed on Instagram, but since the new dating rumors surfaced, he unfollowed her and now follows nobody on the platform. Then, last night, he took to his Instagram Story to share a low-res paparazzi photo of Rihanna and Rocky out and about, writing on it, “Can’t be true.”


Uzi has long been public about his admiration of Rihanna. In April, Rihanna shared a brief clip of her lifting her shirt to show off some high-waisted underwear she had on, and Uzi took a blurry screenshot of the clip and posted it on his Instagram Story. In February, Uzi shared a photo of himself in front of Rihanna’s Fenty pop-up store in New York. In November 2019, he said that he hoped to become “the one” for Rihanna, writing on Twitter, “I think when I become THE ONE she will be my friend till that day I don’t wanna hear about her she 2 perfect.”

Meanwhile, Uzi has some other healing to do, as he accidentally stabbed himself in the face recently.