Lil Uzi Vert Accidentally Stabbed Himself In The Face And Shared A Video Of The Gash

Now that we’re through with Thanksgiving, it’s time to start looking forward to the December holidays. That makes now a good time for a cautionary tale, via Lil Uzi Vert; When opening presents this holiday season, be careful with sharp objects. Uzi learned that lesson the hard way last night, when he revealed that he accidentally stabbed himself in the face with a knife while trying to cut a zip tie.

Uzi shared a video showing off the aftermath of the incident, a not-insignificant gash above his upper lip. He says in the video, “That ain’t no… just no slit, this sh*t is open.” Somebody off-camera chimed in, “That’s a gash, bro,” and Uzi continued, “A real gash.”

After sharing the video, Uzi wrote, “Don’t open stuff up with a knife it’s not safe.” Somebody asked how the accident happened and Uzi explained, “I was pulling the knife back on a zip tie and stab my face … I just missed my lip.” Grimes saw the video and expressed concern for Uzi, writing, “U need stitches !” Uzi seemingly took her thoughts under consideration, responding, “You think it’s that deep ?”

Thankfully, it seems like Uzi is doing just fine, which is fortunate given how bad an accident like this could have been.

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