Lil Wayne Must Pay $150K For Failing To Respond To A Lawsuit Over A Fake Concert

Lil Wayne has been ordered to pay $150,000 to a concert promoter for allegedly orchestrating a fake concert that was promoted under his name, according to TMZ. The promoter, Ramin Natan, sued Lil Wayne in January after Wayne and Migos booked shows they apparently never intended to perform.

According to Natan, he paid a go-between named Eric Stenger a half million dollars to promote a Lil Wayne concert, which Natan believes eventually made its way to Wayne, despite Stenger not being a promoter or setting up the actual show. Wayne never responded to the initial lawsuit, causing a judge to rule in favor of Natan, who called Migos and Wayne “Ponzi scheme artists” and said they used shell companies to get money for shows they never planned to really perform.

TMZ has reached out to Lil Wayne, but has yet to hear back. The court generally gives the defendant a last chance to respond. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne has apparently developed a habit of skipping even legitimate performances; this past weekend he didn’t show up for his set at Life Is Beautiful, angering fans who shelled out to see the veteran rapper do his thing. He also canceled a recent show in St. Louis after being kicked out of his hotel by police. Earlier in the tour, he suggested he would quit his tour with Blink 182, but decided to hang on anyway.

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