Lil Wayne Gave The Safest High Five As A Virtual Fan At Tonight’s Lakers Game

Contrary to past years, 2020 has been a very active year for Lil Wayne. The rapper began the year sharing his thirteenth album Funeral and launching his own radio show, Young Money Radio. Continuing his work with the radio show, Wayne would eventually share a deluxe version of Funeral and re-release his 2015 Free Weezy Album to all streaming platforms. Opting for a moment of fun, the New Orleans rapper found a way to show his support for his Los Angeles Lakers, whom he has been a longtime fan of, during a recent game.

Joining the big screen for the Los Angeles Lakers’ Wednesday night game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lil Wayne joined a group of fans to support the Lakers in their latest game inside the NBA’s bubble in Orlando, FL. Donning his diamond-encrusted smile, Wayne could be seen enjoying his the experience, even hilariously “high-fiving” a fellow Lakers fan after few awkward moments as he attempted to get their attention.

Lil Wayne is not the only musician to be connected with the NBA recently. J. Cole has reportedly been preparing to tryout for various NBA teams in order to land a spot on a roster. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the Detroit Pistons reached out to the rapper through their Twitter page and requested that he get in touch with them in order to try out for their team.

Check out the tweets above to see Lil Wayne enjoying the game.