Lil Wayne Was Obviously The Robot On The Masked Singer, But The Judges Still Acted Surprised

Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance on The Masked Singer after the Super Bowl Sunday night, delivering an energetic performance of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way” as a robot. Of course, Wayne’s distinctive, nasally vocal chops have been on the airwaves for over two decades so it was completely unmistakable which music star face was going to appear when he whipped off that robot’s head, but the judges still acted utterly surprised — and less than impressed. For his part, Wayne looked like he was having the time of life, beaming as host/presenter Nick Cannon helped him with the reveal.

Weezy’s appearance was greeted by a chorus of “no ways” from the judges, but fans on Twitter wouldn’t let them get away with the charade. As Fake Shore Drive’s Andrew Barber pointed out: “There’s no way in hell any of these judges heard this & didn’t immediately know it was Lil Wayne. 3 of them have songs with him!” He did say that the moment was a superb example of viral marketing, though: “Great rollout for the album. Great marketing for the show.”

In fact, almost no one was actually surprised to see Wayne pop out from beneath the robot’s square head — although some fans did have to come to terms with their mortality along the way. “I will have to explain to my child that there was a Hot Boys Lil Wayne and a Masked Singer Lil Wayne,” comedian Blake Anderson lamented. “Just end the stupid world.”

Watch Lil Wayne’s exuberant (and obvious) performance as the robot on the Masked Singer above.