Lil Xan Says He Quit Prescription Pills Cold Turkey During Quarantine

Lil Xan may need to look into that name change soon. The San Bernardino rapper has long struggled with addiction but used the opportunity provided by COVID-19 to get sober after a health scare involving seizures, a white knuckle cold turkey session, and an ultimate second chance at life.

The “Betrayed” rapper posted a new photo with a long caption to his Instagram profile after taking a two-month hiatus from social media. His last major update was that he hospitalized in April after having a panic attack brought on by the pressure of quarantine. However, he says in the new post and in an interview with TMZ he managed to turn the curse of quarantine into a blessing, as he couldn’t get into too much trouble while on lockdown.

In the post’s caption, he recalls suffering from “multiple seizures.” “This was my second time in the last year I’ve been hospitalized for having seizures,” he admits. “I decided it was best for me, my friend’s, family and supporters that I quit all prescriptions pills.” He decided the best way to accomplish this was by quitting cold turkey, despite his doctor’s advice to wean him off the drugs slowly. Now, Xan is “happy to say that I’ve been sober from all prescription pills since the scare. This is the first time in along time that I have felt alive.”

He told TMZ that because he had nowhere to go, no shows, and limited access to his vices, he was able to focus completely on his recovery. He says that being clean allows his anti-drug messages to more thoroughly resonate because he’s now a living example instead of a contradiction. He’s now working on new music and looking forward to sharing it with fans.

Read Xan’s full caption explaining his sobriety above.