Lil Yachty Was Reportedly Arrested In His Ferrari For Driving Over 150 MPH In Atlanta

Lil Yachty is a part of the Quality Control family, and as such the rapper was gifted an all-white Ferrari from the label for his birthday this past August. Apparently, Yachty had a little too much fun with the sports car as he was reportedly arrested for coasting well over the speed limit in Atlanta last week.

According to a report from Atlanta news outlet WSB-TV 2, the rapper was pulled over last Monday when a police officer clocked him at over 150 mph down an interstate, over double the road’s speed limit of 70 mph. Though Yachty pulled the Ferrari over as soon as the cop car’s lights began flashing, the rapper was taken into custody and charged with reckless driving and speeding in excess of maximum limits.

Just a few blocks away from the exact spot where Yachty was pulled over, the rapper totaled an all-red Ferrari a few months back. In late June, the rapper was driving the car on Georgia State Route 400 while it was raining. According to witnesses, the slick roads led to the rapper’s car hydroplaning, spinning-out, then crashing into a barrier on the side of the highway. Yachty was taken into the hospital at the site of the wreck and only sustained minor injuries to his arm.