Lil Yachty Is So Bored That He Paid A Fan $200 To Shave Their Eyebrows Off

Social distancing has become an important part of our daily lives as the coronavirus spread continues. A side-effect of this self-isolation, though, is that people have to come up with ways to entertain themselves that involve not leaving their homes. Lil Yachty has been doing his best to stay entertained, and his latest effort on that front came last night, when he hosted a talent show on Instagram Live and offered cash prizes.

He wrote on Twitter, “TALENT SHOW AT 5 PM EASTERN ON MY LIVE WE CASH APP READY SENDING MONEY TO PEOPLE DOIN INTERESTING SH*T CUZ IM REALLY BORED PULL UP.” The biggest breakout from that livestream was the fan who shaved their eyebrows completely off for $200. In the video, Yachty and his friends egg on the fan as they take a razor to their brow. Once the deed was done, laughs were had, and Yachty assured the fan that they would get their money.

Meanwhile, it looks like another fan ate deodorant:


This comes after Yachty jokingly offered some designer toilet paper for sale at a ridiculous price, writing on Instagram, “As u all may have heard, I went broke a while back so I’ve decided to flip designer toilet paper as a new career… so bape toilet paper.. sure.. price May be a little steep.. but it’s a rare necessity currently.. so $500.”