It’s 2018, Which Makes It The Perfect Time For Limp Bizkit And Staind To Beef

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04.17.18 3 Comments

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Around the turn of the century, Limp Bizkit and Staind were two of the biggest rock bands on the planet. Lords of a new genre called nu metal, both bands blended particularly aggressive aesthetics with an ear toward melody that could still work on the radio. In Limp Bizkit’s case, hip-hop was also an influence. Nowadays, their music is mostly reviled, with Staind’s leader Aaron Lewis now trying his luck as a country singer and Limp Bizkit mostly spoken of these days as a punchline.

These bands were also closely connected at the time, as Staind was signed to Limp Bizkit’s label and first made a name for themselves through the Family Values Tour that both bands were on together. On Staind’s first big song, a live version of “Outside,” Limp Bizkit leader Fred Durst pops up with background vocals. Nearly two decades later, it’s safe to assume these guys are all still buds, right?

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