Linkin Park Have A Hateful Message For Fans Who Think They Sold Out: ‘You’re A F*cking P*ssy’

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Linkin Park continue to bash their fans who wish they would make music more akin to their early work. The band previously told Hybrid Theory-loving hangers-on who accused the band of selling out to “stab [themselves] in the face.” Now, the band are doubling down on the “f*ck ’em if they can’t take a slab of bland alt-pop” rhetoric. In a new interview with Kerrang!, Chester Bennington again threatened violence against people who think their focus-group soundtracks are sell-out music.

“If you’re gonna be the person who says like ‘they made a marketing decision to make this kind of record to make money’ you can f*cking meet me outside and I will punch you in your f*cking mouth because that is the wrong f*cking answer,” he said. “You’re a f*cking p*ssy. For any band to take musical risks because you like what you’re doing in spite of what you know some people will say they don’t like, it doesn’t matter if they like it or not – what matters is that you took the chance to do something that you felt was important to you and that’s what being an artist is all about.”

While he’s got a point somewhere in all the “Cash Me Ousside” talk, it’s worth remembering that he’s getting all fiery over songs that sound like this.

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