Gucci Mane, Migos, And Lil Yachty Are The Kings Of Diamonds On Their New ‘Solitaire’ Single

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Gucci Mane recently told aspiring indie artists how they can play their cards right with a feature – now he’s playing “Solitaire” with a couple artists who are the furthest thing from aspirants. He dropped the track with his QC family Migos and Lil Yachty, who are all working on a massive joint project. The single’s diamond-encrusted artwork set a so icy tone, which Gucci, Quavo, Takeoff and Yachty delivering sharp lyrics about how cold they are – and how bright their ice shines. “I was just sittin’ in a cell playin’ solitaire, now they see me everywhere, bracelet full of solitaires,” Gucci turning his last 2-year prison sentence and his historic comeback into a resounding hook.

The three others MCs match Gucci’s wit, including Yachty, who sounds right at home with the crew on the 2-minute track. “B*tch I don’t play no solitaire, I’m a f*ckin millionaire,” he rhymes, delivering the most sound logic for breaking off a song concept in recent memory. The Atlanta boys display a strong chemistry, which bodes well for their upcoming project. Quavo announced on The Breakfast Club that the QC boys were linking with Gucci Mane for Glacier Boyz, though Guwop erroneously said that it was dropping February. Maybe he was just referencing that the crew is so cold it’s always February in their world.

Either way, you can listen to “Solitaire” below.