Lizzo Recruits Ariana Grande For A New Remix Of Her Resurgent 2016 Single ‘Good As Hell’

Lizzo’s songs have a real long shelf life. Lizzo’s current hit single, “Truth Hurts,” was released back in 2017 before topping the charts in recent weeks. Now she has another sleeper hit on her hands, as “Good As Hell” is charting now following its release in early 2016. To help give the song a boost, she has just released a new remix of the tune that features Ariana Grande.

Grande contributes new lyrics to the remix, like when she sings to close out the song’s second verse, “‘Cause he better know my worth / There’s so much that I deserve / But I ain’t worried now, I’ma let my hair down / He been tryin’ it, but not today.” Grande shared a snippet of the song and wrote, “the most fun. thank you @lizzo for having me on this remix !! i love you, your energy and this record so so much.”

Lizzo previously described how the original version of the song came about, saying in a 2016 interview, “[Ricky Reed and I] were in the studio and he was playing this piano riff, and he was like, ‘How does this make you feel?’ I went through a lot of things in my head, but it made me feel was like the hair toss emoji. You know, the pink sweater emoji girl with the hair. So I went from that hair toss, to checking my nails. It was a natural statement that came out my mouth. Ricky was like, ‘Feeling good as hell.’ We just rolled with that. After that, everything just kind of came out so easily.”

Back in May, Lizzo was answering fan questions on Twitter with video responses, and she said to one fan who asked if she’d like to collaborate with Grande, “Yes! I would love to do a song with Ariana Grande. That’s my pony twin. We’ll see what happens, but yeah, that would be really fun. I would rap, and I would let her sing.” In April, she also covered Grande’s “7 Rings” on The Elvis Duran Show.

Listen to the “Good As Hell” remix featuring Grande above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.