LL Cool J Knocked Out An Intruder In His House Because, Well, You Know Why

Some criminals are stupid. Case in point

An intruder broke into LL Cool J’s Los Angeles-area house and was arrested after being taken down by the star.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed with Eyewitness News that the man broke into LL’s house around 2 a.m. Wednesday. The 44-year-old “NCIS: Los Angeles” actor heard noise downstairs and went to see what was going on. That’s when he encountered the intruder and overpowered him.

Wasn’t Drake’s house just begging to be broken into? Why you fools wanna go messing with LL?

On the flip side, can you imagine the look on this fool’s face when he saw LL charging at him. If there is a God, he did so rapping, maybe popping off the following lyrics…

I’m like Tyson icin’ I’m a soldier at war
I’m makin’ sure you don’t try to battle me no more
Got concrete rhymes been rappin’ for ten years and
Even when I’m braggin’ I’m bein’ sincere

MC’s can’t win I make ’em rust like tin
They call me Jaws my hat is like a shark’s fin
Because I’m bad as can be got my voice on wax
Some brothers think he’s making records now he must have relaxed

I couldn’t shouldn’t and it’ll stay that way
The best rapper you’ve heard is L.L. Cool J
Kamikaze take a look at what I’ve done
Used to rock in my basement now I’m number one

I eliminate punks cut ’em up in chunks
You were souped you heard me and your ego shrunk
I’m devastating I’m so good it’s a shame
Cause I eat rappers like a cannibal they call me insane

I’m bad

Yeah, that’d be perfect.

Meanwhile, I still think this is one of the best rap songs ever (and the first rap song I fell in love with as a kid and one of my go-to karaoke songs to this day).