Premiere: The LLC Bring The Energy From TV To Record On ‘You’ And ‘Never Said Never’

If you’ve ever watched The Chris Gethard Show, you’ve probably bopped your head along to the LLC, the show’s rocking house band. What you might not know, however, is that the band is a supergroup of sorts, comprised of long-time members of the New York City punk scene (featuring members/ex-members of The Ergs!, The Unlovables, The Steinways, The Shemps, Hiccup, and Bugout Society). While guitarist Jon Vafiadis and bassist Bill Florio have served as members of The Chris Gethard Show‘s house band since its very first incarnation as a stage show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in New York City in 2009, Hallie Bulleit, Mike Yannich, and Alex Clute joined while the show during its run on Manhattan Public Access from 2011-2015.

Closely following the announcement that the show’s inaugural season had been picked up by truTV for ten more episodes, the LLC is finally ready to step to the forefront for the release of their first two singles, “You (Just Like Just Like Heaven)” and “Never Said Never.” We’re happy to be exclusively premiering the tracks, both of which have been performed on the show before, and feature Hallie Bulleit’s throwback vocals melodies alongside captivating synth lines and distorted guitars. Check them out below, along with a quote from the band about the release.

“We’re so excited to release these two new songs by the LLC. As the house band of The Chris Gethard Show, we play songs for the studio audience during all the show’s commercial breaks; and until now, only the folks who come to the live tapings get to hear them! We see releasing these songs as a way to pull back the curtain a bit–to give the viewers at home a peek into the party that happens off-air every week.

“You” is one of them most new-wave-y songs that we do. Hallie had just gotten a new keyboard when she wrote it, and was excited about all the great 80’s sounds it could make. It’s the LLC at our poppiest.

“Never Said Never” is thematically the perfect song for The Chris Gethard Show. It’s about taking chances and falling on your face… knowing that, if given the chance, you’d probably do it all over again. It’s something that we say a lot on the show: you should swing big and take risks… there can be real growth (and fun) in failing.”

“You (Just Like Just Like Heaven)” and “Never Said Never” will be out on all digital platforms on 11/20. In the meantime, check out our interview with The Chris Gethard Show‘s music bookers here for an inside look at how they bring some of the most diverse musical talent to the show. The Chris Gethard Show airs Thursdays at 11PM Eastern through 11/30, and will return with ten more episodes in 2018.