Lloyd’s Answer To Whether The ‘You’ Lyrics Are ‘She’s Fine Too’ Or ‘5’2″‘ Is Worse Than The Question

The same people who thought Jennifer Lopez was asking “Are you Ellie?” on “I’m Real” are also about as clueless as Lil Wayne on racism when it comes to Lloyd’s “You.” Apparently — and bear with me here because the fact that this is even a thing is frustrating beyond the belief — there appears to be some confusion on whether the R&B crooner is singing “She’s 5’2″” or “She’s fine too” on the 2006 track’s chorus.

This all started up again when memes started popping after the iPhone 7’s announcement and news that Airbu–err–AirPods were going to be priced at $159. For that kind of money, consumers are expecting audio so crisp and clear that you can make out Lloyd’s lyrics. With the discussion all over social media timelines, All Def Digital got in touch with Lloyd to settle the ridiculousness once and for all.

According to the diminutive singer, the lyrics are “whatever you want it to be.” Even though it doesn’t make a lick a sense for it to be “She’s 5’2″, but I want you,” Lloyd insists the lyrics are up to the listener “because that’s what music is all about.” That’s a very artistic answer, but I’m not sure why he’s playing these games with the people. He literally said it’s “she’s fine too” years ago.

So there you have it. Tell your friends it’s “she’s fine too” and then cut them off. Friends like that are untrustworthy.