Logic Referred To Kanye West As A ‘F*cking Moron’ In His New Video Ranting About The Internet

In the last few years, Ye, better known as Kanye West, has been called every name in the book. Now, rapper Logic is deciding to chime in. Why now? Apparently, at one point, the rapper decided to sit out from the conversation around Ye’s recent actions supposedly in hopes of working with him one day, but in his eyes, that’s out of the question now.

In a new vlog uploaded to Logic’s YouTube channel, the “Shimmy” rapper goes into a rant about the internet, public perception, and more Ye somehow takes centerstage. Earlier in the video, Logic indirectly referred to the producer to somehow emphasize that he himself has been unfairly treated by users online.

“It’s kinda dope to realize the more people talking about me, positive or negative, makes me more rich,” said Logic adding, “Only I’m not like evil, so I’m not out here spewing bullsh*t out of my mouth or wearing White Lives Matter t-shirts or some dumb sh*t like that. F*cking moron.”

Despite the harsh declaration, Logic wants it to be clear that he doesn’t have any personal issues with the musicians. “Love Kanye by the way, [just a] stupid f*cking idea,” said Logic.

The rapper closed out by saying, “Let me preface that. I love Kanye West. I think he’s a genius. I wouldn’t be here without him. I can have a f*cking opinion, and as long as my opinion is respectful and from the heart, then it is what it is.”

Isn’t it ironic that, at this moment, Logic’s opinions should be honored? However, when Ice Cube fans bashed him over his “Good Day” cover, he proclaimed, “Who gives a f*ck?

Watch the video above.