Logic And Joey Badass Enjoyed An Animated Day In The Studio For Their ‘Shimmy’ Video

Logic was the subject of debate last week after sharing his cover of Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day.” A lot of people tore it to shreds, but one TikTok user wanted “a whole album of covers like this” from Logic.

The multiplatinum rapper and best-selling author responded, “It’s funny that you should say that because I thought about doing that. Wouldn’t that be cool? Everybody’s all pissed off at me because I did a f*cking Ice Cube cover. Meanwhile, I texted Ice Cube, and he’s like, ‘Man, keep doing you, brother!’ Who gives a f*ck?! But you know what would be great? You’re right. I should do a whole f*cking album.”

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. It hasn’t even been a month since Logic dropped his latest album (and debut album as an independent artist), College Park,

Yesterday, March 14, he dropped the video for College Park track “Shimmy” featuring Joey Badass, and it’s further confirmation that Logic does not care about any negative feedback. (Although, he previously shared important and poignant perspective on cyberbullying.)

In the JT Clemente-directed video, Logic and Joey are seemingly having the time of their lives in the studio — accented by animation from Tristan Zammit.

“F*ck how you feel, I’m breakin’ the seal,” Logic spits. “Just got out my deal, I’m keepin’ it real.” The hook doubles down on his joyous, wealthy position: “Shimmy, shimmy, yeah, b*tch, I get money like ODB / Shimmy, shimmy, yeah, I’m finally eatin’ good, no EBT.” Joey also flexes by calling himself “Himothy” and reflecting on his hard-fought climb “from EBT to BET.”

Earlier this month, Logic announced his College Park Tour with Juicy J. See those dates below, and watch the “Shimmy” video above.