Logic’s Fans Have Made His Novel The No. 1 Book On Amazon In Just One Day

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Bobby Hall, aka Logic, is now a best selling author as well as a popular rapper, now that his novel, Supermarket, has gone No. 1 on Amazon’s Best-Selling Books list. The list ranks titles by their rate of sales movement, meaning Supermarket is rapidly selling after its release Tuesday, with reviews singing its praises — or at least, Logic’s praises, since it doesn’t seem all that likely most of the reviewers finished it within hours after purchase.

Logic, who told Trevor Noah of The Daily Show that he wrote Supermarket because he manager told him he couldn’t just write a novel, has long cultivated a passionate fanbase who are likely the main ones buying and reviewing the book. His positivity and awkward relatability have endeared him to fans who see him as more of a friend than an out-of-reach celebrity entertainer, and the glowing reviews so far reflect that.

One reads: “Amazing book! Bobby really does a great job at painting a picture. Listening to it on Audible adds to the experience.” Another notes that the reviewer isn’t a reader of books (shout-out to Kanye) but that Supermarket is a “Really great book, even if you don’t normally read. I found myself laughing at moments and couldn’t stop reading.”

The plot of the novel revolves around a depressed grocery store employee who discovers a crime scene and has his life upended in the aftermath. Judging from the reviews, it could probably have been about just about anything and it would have been a home run for Logic, who continued his winning musical streak at the same time with the release an alternative-music companion album for Supermarket on Tuesday as well.

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