Logic Explains His Recent Break From Social Media With A Post About The Benefits Of Stepping Away

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“Everybody Dies” rapper Logic has been experiencing something of a critical reevaluation of his career in light of recent successes like his YSIV album receiving acclaim and his single “1-800-273-8255” becoming an anthem for suicide prevention awareness. However, that doesn’t mean his life is suddenly perfect; like most of us, he experiences the social anxiety of carefully curated Instagram feeds and online commentary, which is why he has decided to take a break from social media.

He explained his rationale in a post on Instagram detailing his issues with not feeling “good enough” as a result of the daily scroll, writing that “It’s great having your own thoughts without millions of people’s opinions influencing your raw decisions both in life and creatively.” Elaborating, he describes the deteriorating effect the constant churn can have on his creative output. “We as artists feel the need to post constantly because if we don’t then we won’t be in the conversation,” he writes, but he plans to do something different: “I’m going to allow other great artists to shine and cheer them on. And when it’s time to release something I’ll step back in the ring and go a round or two with my favorites!”

Posts like this are a prime example of why Logic has become a relatable, reliable fan favorite. His relentless positivity, which some observers read as gimmicky or even self-righteous, is exactly what endears him so much to his core fans, who have lifted his albums to huge numbers and ensured that he has the leeway to take breaks like this one, knowing that his spot is secure.

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