Watch Lorde Serenade Her Chicago Audience With A Cover Of Kanye’s ‘Love Lockdown’

Lorde’s Melodrama world tour rolled its way into Chicago on Tuesday and to celebrate the moment, she decided to drop a quick tribute to hometown phenom Kanye West. The New Zealand superstar has been dropping special covers and tributes through her past few tour stops. She paid tribute to Prince in Minnesota on Friday night, dropped a Bruce Springsteen cover in New Zealand, but her cover of Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” in Chicago might be the best yet.

So far, Lorde’s shows have been a dancing, minimalist showcase with the pop star trying to provide as much as possible for her fans given the delay between her first and second albums. It leads to a nice relationship between Lorde and the audience, a bit more intimate despite being in an arena. For the Chicago fans, she didn’t have to say much to get her gratitude across:

“Thanks, Chicago! It must be nice to come from the same place as Kanye West.”

Now all we need is an entire album full of Lorde covering Kanye West songs. Or at least some sort of Kanye West/ Lorde collaboration where they sing each other’s tunes. Would love to hear an autotuned version of “Royals” with Kanye West’s touches all over it.

That wasn’t the only Kanye reference for the night. During her performance of “Liability,” Lorde dropped into the chorus of “Runaway.” If anything, it proves she’s a pretty big Kanye fan. Not too shabby.