Lorde’s Uber Driver Told Her All About A Celebrity Encounter He Just Had

Lorde Performs Live In Dunedin
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We’ve all taken an Uber where the driver either stays silent the entire time or you find out their life’s story while you’re in the back of their Honda Accord. For Kiwi singer Lorde, her recent Uber driver was completely starstruck over the celebrity passenger he just had in his car. No, the driver didn’t start humming “Royals” or ask when she’s finally going to release a follow up to Pure Heroine; this driver was gushing over having a different celebrity in the backseat before her.

Lorde tweeted during the slightly awkward encounter Tuesday afternoon.

A few fellow pop singers tweeted at Lorde about their Uber experiences, telling her that they’ve been there before.

Lorde did not mention who the celebrity her driver was stoked about seeing, but it’s a safe bet that he’s a bigger fan of them than of hers. She could have performed a few bars of “Royals”, or better yet her deeper cut, “Push”, to let the driver know who she was. Fans on Twitter were amused by her experience, but most of them only wanted to know when Lorde will be coming out with a new album soon. Although the mystery Uber celebrity before her is still unknown, Lorde fans did receive some positive news regarding her new music, stating that she was actually taking the Uber she was in to a recording studio to work on her next album.

(Via Mashable)