Luniz’s Creepy Remix Of ‘I Got 5 On It’ From ‘Us’ Is Now Available To Stream And Scare

Get Out director Jordan Peele made the whole world’s collective skin crawl at once when he released the trailer for his upcoming horror follow-up film, Us, to social media last month with its creepy remix of beloved Bay Area favorite “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz. Taking its already spooky lead line and slowing it way, way down turned it from a catchy weed anthem into a harrowing harbinger of impending frights. It helped that the footage from the film was also genuinely hair-raising as well.

Many wondered if the freaky remix would ever be available to purchase or stream and now, it is. With crooner Michael Marshall finally also credited, the song has revived interest in the Luniz’s most iconic single, which is a lot more pleasant in its prior iteration. If you don’t mind being freaked out, feel free to stream the “Tethered remix” along with the rest of the soundtrack — which also features Janelle Monae and Minnie Riperton — this Friday, March 15 via Back Lot Music.

For more chills, you can also check out the trailer for Jordan Peele’s modern day update of classic thriller series The Twilight Zone, which premieres on April 1 and features Peele as the host and narrator, taking over for Charles Aidman.