Lupe Fiasco Tackles The Dangers Of Substance Abuse In His ‘Pick Up The Phone’ Video

Lupe just dropped the visual for “Pick up the Phone,” a song that debuted at the last month on his website. The video follows the pattern of the song in that it actually deals with someone who won’t “pick up the f***ing phone.” Whereas the lyrics of the song draw a picture of a couple who might be in the throes of a disagreement, the video takes a slightly different and more serious tone.

There’s a clear message in the video about the dangers of drug abuse and how it can not only affect the user, but the people who love them. It’s safe to say the love interest of the main character learned a valuable lesson not only about using drugs, but the company she keeps while using them.

“Pick up the Phone,” is allegedly a single from Lupe’s upcoming project Drogas LightGiven that Lupe has a predilection  for announcing projects and not following through, fans will just have to play the wait-and-see game to see what this all leads to.