Lupe Fiasco Announces That His Podcast With Royce Da 5’9″ Has Come To An End

Last fall, rappers Lupe Fiasco and Royce Da 5’9″ announced that they teamed up, with help from SayWhatMedia’s Tom Frank, for a new podcast called The Lupe & Royce Show. Lupe described it as being led by “2 real geniuses.” He also added that the podcast would be “half conversation between friends, half interview show, and 100% weird.” Lupe and Royce have shared 46 episodes since then, but unfortunately, it’s coming to an end.

During an Instagram Live session, Lupe revealed that podcasting isn’t and has never been something he took too much of an interest in and that he only took part it for Frank, who is a good friend. He said that he enjoyed the experience, despite having to bring it to an end over creative differences.

“I’m not doing that no more,” Lupe said during the livestream. “But again, it’s not something that’s done out of ill will, this is something that’s been kind of building for a little bit. And again, my heart wasn’t 100% in the podcast anyway, with Royce, without Royce, by myself, on my own.” He adds, “So shoutout to everybody who tuned into the podcast, really appreciate it… But yeah man, that’s probably the end of an era. And just kind of moving on to other things.”

You can watch Lupe’s livestream in the video above the revisit most recent episode of The Lupe & Royce Show here.