You Need To Hear This 74-Year-Old Grandma’s Christian Rap Mixtape

Remember when people were obsessed with rapping grannies? It’s probably Adam Sandler’s fault, what with the rapping old lady in The Wedding Singer. It became something of a hack comedic cliché. However, now that our nation’s rapping granny related wounds have healed, we can all come together to appreciate this real rapping granny, who, on top of everything else, raps about Jesus.

Sister Bobbie Lively is a 74-year-old grandmother and minister. Hoping to reach the kids today to talk to them about God, she decided to release a rap album, called Uh Huh, under the name Lyrical Lively. Ms. Lively handed her CD to a gentleman at a gas station, who tweeted about it. The siren song of a septuagenarian Christian rapper was irresistible to the internet, and she went viral. Even Questlove and the Roots were feeling it.

On top of everything else, Lyrical Lively was exceedingly pleased to find out that she went viral. The man she gave her album to texted her to let her know she had blown up on the internet, and she responding by saying, “Thank you so much. I always pray send me an escort of angels to send your word to the hurting lost lonely people. You mr KEITH are the Angel! God bless you!!!!” She included an emoji of an old lady in her message.

This is pretty much a perfect internet thing. It’s offbeat and kind of campy, but completely sincere and genuine and pretty much everything associated with it is coming out positively. Rapping grannies are alive and well, and now they can go viral.

Oh and if you want to hear the whole tape, if your aux cord can handle it, it’s all on Spotify.

(Via The Telegraph)