Reliving The Macarena Craze At The DNC Twenty Years Ago

This has been a polarizing political season. Sure, thanks to Hillary Clinton, we finally get to see a major party nominate a woman for President. On the other hand, Donald Trump. However, these dark political times are nothing new. Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention may have been disconcerting, but 20 years ago, things were even bleaker. At the 1996 Democratic National Convention, people were really into “Macarena.”

In 1996, Los Del Rio’s “Macarena” swept the nation. It remains, inexplicably, one of the biggest hit songs of all-time, and perhaps the ultimate one hit wonder. It also had a dance craze associated with the song, and it was seen everywhere at the Democratic National Convention in 1996. This was the year Bill Clinton and Al Gore were nominated for reelection, which means there is footage of current Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton dancing along to “Macarena.”

There is a lot of footage of delegates at the DNC doing the “Macarena” dance. It was awkward then, and it’s only more awkward watching it now, in retrospect, with years of distance between us and the “Macarena” fad. However, a lot of it has to be watched on C-SPAN’s website, because they won’t let you embed it. They are hoarding all that “Macarena” goodness for themselves. If only “Gangnam Style” had become viral a couple months earlier, we could have seen something similar happen in 2012.

(Via The Verge)