Macklemore’s Newest Video Involves Idris Elba Dancing, So It Is Perfect

Your mileage may vary on how enjoyable Macklemore is as a rapper and entertainer, but we at least have to give him credit for making music videos that are visually stimulating and fun to watch. The latest effort from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (but let’s be real, mostly Macklemore) is “Dance Off” an adventure through different settings where people are using dance offs to solve every day arguments. A diner, a gym, the dance floor at a wedding, a mall, and even a hotel lobby are all fair game to stage dance offs and Macklemore is in the middle of the madness showing off his white boy dance skills for all to see.

Idris Elba, noted Gunslinger and globe-hopping DJ, is fully in “Big Driis” mode in this video with a fur coat that most closely resembles a black-and-white cookie and a fedora that only he could pull off with any sort of confidence. In a sensuous voiceover, Elba invites the listener to a dance off and it is so effective that his voice could probably convince anyone within a mile radius to hop in the dance circle and break it down. The potential James Bond doesn’t show off his own dance moves in the video nearly enough, but he does have a few moments where he turns his talent loose. And in those moments, the video can’t possibly be more perfect. Everyone pool your money, this calls for a group trip to Ibiza this summer for the sole purpose of getting Idris Elba to bust a move in our presence.

Come on, Idris. Right now. Dance off.


(via The AV Club)