Macklemore Bids Good Riddance To The MAGA Man With The Tongue-In-Cheek ‘Trump’s Over Freestyle’

Macklemore came into the game taking his privilege to task and he continues that tradition on his tongue-in-cheek “Trump’s Over Freestyle” released in honor of Joe Biden’s inauguration as 46th President of the United States. Accompanied by a simple video of himself recording the song in the studio, “Trump’s Over” finds Macklemore dunking all over the MAGA Man’s followers and liberals alike, calling out the latter for caring more about “bicycling and the climate and toothpaste with iron” than police getting away with murdering Black Americans on camera.

However, the overall tone of the song is less celebratory and more cautionary, with Mack pointing out that despite the relative restoration of sanity to the Oval Office, “half the country feels the same way that he does.” Meanwhile, he’s less than optimistic about Biden’s forthcoming term, calling him “another old white guy in the White House,” and reminding listeners that COVID-19 is still around and “America’s still armed, dumb, and dangerous.” It’s pretty consistent with how he grappled with Trump’s initial election and it seems like he’s been champing at the bit to finally bid the Donald good riddance.

With that being said, much of the nation breathed a sigh of relief as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in this morning, bringing with them coherent speeches, respect for the office of the President, and much less twitchy Twitter fingers. Many share Macklemore’s reticence, but at least the chances of Biden actively fomenting a failed rebellion are slim to none.

Watch Macklemore’s “Trump’s Over Freestyle” video above.