Madonna Twerks To ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ In The First Promo For Her ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Episode

Madonna proves why she’s been successfully entertaining audiences for decades — including a Super Bowl halftime headlining performance — and revisits some of her best singles in the first promo Her Madge’s appearance on “Carpool Karaoke.” The Late Late Show with James Corden staple is returning for another round of singing-in-the-car fun with none other Madonna herself, so naturally the first clip released is chock full of fun moments. As they kick off the ride, Madonna says what everyone is thinking when they go cruising with friends:

“I don’t like riding around in a car unless there’s music.”

Not even a handful of seconds in to the clip and Madonna is already vogueing with ease and dancing in her seat. Not just dancing in her seat, but full-on twerking in the passenger seat of the car. How does somebody even manage that in such a small space? The entertainment icon has been getting her twerk on everywhere lately, as if to prove that she’s still got it and stack up against the young pop stars on the circuit right now. If that’s the case, the singer is doing a great job of it as she ably gets her butt in the air even in the small confines of an SUV’s passenger seat.

Never underestimate Madonna’s dance skills, and make sure to check out the full car-aoke segment when it airs during The Late Late Show Wednesday night.