Madonna Spanked Ariana Grande Onstage And A Good Time Was Had By All

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It looks like the next career move for hip celebrities is to go up on stage with Madonna and let her have her way with their behinds. Now that Katy Perry and Anderson Cooper have both been spanked, and Amy Schumer went one step further by adding in both humping and twerking, it’s Ariana Grande’s turn to be spanked by the original queen of crazy concert stunts. According to MTV, the original hotbed of Madonna’s antics,

…nothing can compare to the level of affection Queen M showed to her latest guest, Ariana Grande, on Sunday night in Miami. After inviting her up onstage to lip sync and shimmy to “Unapologetic Bitch,” Madonna capped the unforgettable experience by lightly spanking Ari.

Sounds like the perfect Sunday night for a raucous Miami crowd. Grande embraced the experience fully, even posting a video on Instagram afterwards with a comment about how “dead” she was after the experience. Madonna returned the favor and gave her props right back, rightly calling Ariana the “kewtest” unapologetic b*tch (because seriously, how much cuter can that high ponytail be?) and telling her thanks.

It turns out that even though she’s one of the coolest 57-year olds on the planet, Madonna’s just like us sometimes too. She was concerned on stage that she would pronounce Ariana’s last name incorrectly, which we do more than once on a daily basis. Stars, they’re just like us!

(via MTV News)

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