Here’s What Mariah Carey Had To Say About Her Infamous Jennifer Lopez Comment

Mariah Carey At 1 OAK Nightclub At The Mirage
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Mariah Carey is most famous on the outernet for being able to hit notes that only dogs can hear, selling 17 quintillion albums and being a crucial part of one of the greatest pop hits of all-time. But on the GIF-loving, yaaasss-saying corners of the Internet, Carey is perhaps most famous for being the focal point of the shadiest GIF that ever existed.


Carey finally addressed her infamous response to a question about Jennifer Lopez during an interview with The Cut.

Hyland: Your fans love to give you crazy presents. What’s something you’ve gotten recently from a Lamb?

Carey: Recently? I don’t know. [yawns] I’m sorry, I’m having a “sleep” moment…

Well, there was a very interesting shirt that a fan made with a quote that I said years ago that, when I said it, I really wasn’t trying to be funny. I was just being honest and everybody’s kind of blowing it out of proportion, but this guy had a shirt on and it was a picture of me that he made and the quote was underneath it — and I’m going to leave you hanging as to what it was.

Hyland: Will I be able to Google what it was?

Carey: Probably, yes.

The Queen of Casual Shade couldn’t even bother to fully wake up to discuss her cattiest moment. Truly a legend.

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We’ll leave you with a bit of trivia. The cover of Daydream was actually shot in color, but warped to black-and-white because the cameras couldn’t handle the swirling vortex of shade that surrounds Mimi at all times. TMYK.

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