Courtney Love Is A Creepy Nurse In Marilyn Manson’s Dark Video For ‘Tattooed In Reverse’

A couple days ago, Marilyn Manson took to Twitter to tease that he had recruited Courtney Love for his then-upcoming “Tattooed In Reverse” video, with a quick, heavily-manipulated video clip of Love dressed as a nurse and wheeling him down a hall in a wheelchair. The ten-second teaser seemed to preview a classically Manson-style creepy music video, and now that the video has been released today, that is now verifiable.

The video begins, as most Manson videos should, with a parental advisory warning of explicit content. From there, Manson goes about his usual unsettling ways in the video that’s filled with creepy choreography in a run down hospital, a lot of harshly lit and jumpy scenes, faceless people dancing, wide-eyed doll faces, and other things of the sort. Love’s appearance in the video is more of a cameo than a starring role, as she doesn’t do much in the clip beyond what the teaser suggested.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the video and the circumstances surrounding it is that Manson and Love are palling around with each other, which is somewhat surprising given their spotted past. Manson previously said that the two have “always been weird with each other,” and that surely has something to do with the comments Manson made about them never having had sex with each other.

Watch the “Tattooed In Reverse” video above.