Marina Wonders What It’s Like ‘To Be Human’ In A Powerful, Political New Video

Welsh singer-songwriter Marina surprise dropped the first half of her new double album Love And Fear last Friday. The full record, which comes out April 26 via Atlantic, will explore the paradoxical experiences of (you guessed it) love and fear. The songs on Love are more hopeful and positive than most of Marina’s previous releases, but just because she’s exploring happier emotions doesn’t mean she’s lost her contemplative, honest songwriting style.

“To Be Human” is one of the record’s best tracks, and Marina has released a stunning video to match the song. Standing in a background of greenery, Marina sings about far-flung locations and beautiful cities she’s seen, and the one thing that unites them all — the human beings who live there.

In a video posted to her Twitter, the singer explained the song’s powerful message. “In our political climate we are constantly being made to see other people as ‘other,'” Marina said. “If you’re from a different culture, you’re seen as different and potentially dangerous and I really hate that. I really think that’s a sad way to see humanity. So I wrote this song really thinking about that and for that reason it really forms a core part of the record.”

Watch the video for “To Be Human” above.

Marina is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.